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Shimmering Mermaid January 31, 2009

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I am working on another Mirabilia mermaid. I love them. Spurred on by the satisfaction of finishing MOTDB, I have been diligently working on Shimmering Mermaid. I started her earlier in January, but quickly put her aside after a few stitches to work on other things. In the last few days, I have worked on her exclusively.


I am stitching her on 32ct. “Blueberry” lugana by Silkweaver which looks more purple than gray in real life. This is what she will look like finished…(as I sit here wondering how many months/years that will be…one stitch at a time, right?)


One more ice/snow picture…


My mom took this one at their house. With the tree branches drooping and brushing the ground, it looks like the park bench has its own little hideaway. Normally, the branches are a good distance above the bench. They had a lot more snow than we did. They still do not have power. I really hope for their sake that it is restored soon. I am starting to wonder about school on Monday. There is still significant power outage in our county and a shelter is still going strong at one of our elementary schools. Who knows when we will be back… As much as I like being home, I will not like making all of this up at the end of the year.

DH is starting a movie, a mini series on DVD–James Michener’s Centennial. I guess I will go watch and stitch. I am trying hard to avoid the online needlework super bowl sales, but I am feeling my resistance weakening.

More later,




3 Responses to “Shimmering Mermaid”

  1. Glenna Says:

    Lovely new mermaid!

    ABCStitch has Topsy Turvy Tabbies, I noticed. My LNS just had the bunnies. Val must be a cat person–she has lots of cute cat charts!

  2. Siobhan Says:

    That is going to be STUNNING!! I love the linen, it’s perfect for it. Love the ice pic, too!

  3. Laura Says:

    The Tea Room is absolutely stunning!!!!! Makes me want to do that one too!

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