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Ice + snow January 28, 2009

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(I always think this is a good thing, but I see these kind of warnings in blogs sometimes and there must be a reason…those on dial up, maybe?)

Day 2 of the winter storm happened today. It rained last night and eventually turned into freezing rain. The temperatures dropped causing more ice accumulation. Then it snowed. We are more fortunate than most. We still have electricity, and there are no trees laying on our house or in our vehicles. There are so many here without power and the electric companies are telling people that it could be one to two weeks before their power is restored because the damage is so massive. Red Cross has set up a shelter in one of the local elementary schools to help those that need it. Lots of people bunking in with friends and relatives that have power to stay warm. The local grocery store has a lot of empty shelves–no bread whatsoever!  We went out and about today to see some of the area. The pictures below are from that outing.

the front of our house






Our family is truly blessed and fortunate. I am not complaining at all. My in laws have their power restored. My parents are without power, but are fine. They heat with a wood stove insert and have a gas fireplace in the basement should they need it. Both my brother and myself have encouraged them to come to our homes, but they insist they are warm and well taken care of. I know they are. When we were kids, the power would sometimes go out for more than a week at a time during winter storms like this one. We not only survived, but were warm and had plenty to eat. My parents know what to do in these situations and also have the equipment to do so. We never camped out as children, but we had camping equipment for just such occasions. 🙂

Now on to stitchy news…I finished Mermaids of the Deep Blue last night. 🙂 WhooHoo!! This was one of my main stitching goals to start the new year. I put the final bead on around midnight last night.

Mermaids of the Deep Blue-Mirabilia

Mermaids of the Deep Blue-Mirabilia







MOTDB is stitched on 32 ct. Amsterdam Blue linen with recommended DMC, Kreinik threads, and Mill Hill beads and treasures. It was fun to stitch, and I am glad it is finished.

I am now working on Mirabilia’s Shimmering Mermaid on a beautiful piece of Silkweaver fabric that my parents gave me for Christmas (have I mentioned lately how much I love Silkweaver fabric? 🙂 ).  As soon as I have enough progress to show (I am hoping tomorrow) I will upload a photo.

I am off to do a Wii fit workout, watch Lost (any Lost fans out there?) and Life On Mars (yeah! It’s back on tonight!!), and stitch on Shimmy.

I want to say a big thank you to all who have been reading and commenting on my blog lately. I TRULY appreciate it. 🙂


More later…



7 Responses to “Ice + snow”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Congratulations on a beautiful finish, Kellie! Glad to hear you are keeping well amidst the storm!

  2. Dianne Says:

    Wow…congrats on a beautiful finish!

  3. Vonna Says:

    First off, I want to sincerely congratulate you on your recent finish…what an awesome task that a mirabilia is to start off and your mermaids are gorgeous! BIG HURRAYS! for you 🙂

    We thank heaven didn’t get the ice, but we got the snow, last count it was 14 inches….the city is gridlocked!

  4. Siobhan Says:

    WOW!! Your Mirabilia is stunning! It is incredible–thanks for the close up pics. So pretty! Loved the ice pictures, too. Pretty to look at, but I know not fun to experience. The picture of the ice on the statue was cool!

  5. Glenna Says:

    MSN had pictures of KY and how bad it was. How wonderful that your parents are so resourceful. My parents are sweet but sort of ditzy, if you know what I mean, and I always worry so much about how they’re coping when they lose power or have some other emergency. Mermaids is just gorgeous–you should be proud not only of your stitching but of the beautiful photos you took–they really show the sparklies!

  6. Nana Says:

    Wow beautiful finish, congrats..
    Me no likey cold, me warm weather girl.. great pics though.
    I am a devoted “Lost” fan, though sometimes I think I am
    I also am glad that Life on Mars is back..


  7. Paulette Says:

    Stunning finish!!! Oh my, those mermaids just jump off the fabric at you! They are truly gorgeous. I’ve stitched a few Mirabilias myself, and they are so worth the effort.

    Great job!

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