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Ice January 27, 2009

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A significant ice storm occurred last night while we slept. As of last night’s forecast, we were on the edge between snow and ice but falling in the snow area. We awoke to no snow, but plenty of ice. The phone rang at 5:15 am announcing that school was out. I peeked out the window then and could see the ice sparkling in the lamplight in our front yard and could hear it tinkling on my son’s window when I checked on him and covered him up. Beautiful to look at this morning, but destructive. My in-laws are without power. We have been fortunate that our power has remained on (for now). However, we lost one of our beautiful Bradford pear trees in our front yard. My father-in-law called a couple of hours ago to say that they lost most of the tall pecan tree in their front yard as well as a huge branch on one of the trees in their back yard. We were able to get out this afternoon and drive around for awhile. It looks like a winter wonderland, but there were a lot of trees, branches, and power lines down. We are fortunate that our house has not been affected. Our governor has declared a state of emergency. I think out of 120 school districts, 105 were closed today. School is out tomorrow as well. I don’t know if we will return this week as there is more weather expected this evening. When I had hoped for snow in my previous post, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

However, I have enjoyed the day stitching. My mom, who reads my blog (Hi Mom!), commented to me on the phone yesterday about Mermaids of the Deep Blue and inspired me to pick it up today and try to finish it. I am very close. I plan on stitching late into the night, and I am hoping to have a finish to show you tomorrow. 🙂 I am finishing up the beading and catching a few missed stitches here and there. They are almost done. I can’t wait to have them framed. 🙂

Husband just came in to say more of the tree in the front has fallen and he can hear branches and breaking all around the neighborhood. We will all be outside cleaning up this week, I guess.

Since I don’t have stitching pictures to show, I will post a few of the ice in our backyard. I stepped out the back door onto the deck and took a few of a small tree in our backyard as well as our swingset.




I am off to read a couple of blogs, download a couple of disks of an audiobook onto my iPod, and then to stitch and watch American Idol. Hope all of you have great night.




3 Responses to “Ice”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Oh the poor trees. That’s too bad. I know you were looking forward to snow but this is a bit different isn’t it? Hope you can stay safe and warm (power stays on) and you get lots of stitching done! We had a wee bit of snow here which I hope will just disappear instead of icing over into a skating rink! Take care!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Posted a little note on you “About Me” page. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Barb Says:

    Found your blog on Let’s Stitch. We missed the ice in northern Ohio, thank goodness, just having lots of snow. We have some trees that were damaged by wind this summer and we haven’t taken them down yet ($$$) so I fear an ice storm.

    Your stitching is beautiful! I’ve got your blog in my reader.

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