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Thursday January 22, 2009

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No stitching to show today. I was out of town at a work conference yesterday rooming with some other people. I felt funny about getting my stitching out to work on it, even though I brought it with me. I am not sure why, but whatever the reason, I didn’ t stitch any yesterday. I plan to make up for it tonight while I watch Grey’s Anatomy and The Office (and possibly Private Practice if I can squeeze it in). I think I will pull Americana Sampling back out to work on as I really enjoyed stitching on it the other night. Or maybe Simple Gifts-Love that I have been enjoying as well.  I would have more finishes if I would stick with one thing, but I so enjoy variety. 🙂

I ordered some fabrics from Silkweaver this week. They are having a great 40% off sale on some selected colors. I got two cuts of Days Gone By. The week before Purely Primitive was the color of the week (one of my favorites!) and I ordered a cut of it as well. I love Silkweaver fabrics. I recently joined their fabric of the month club, and I have been very pleased with the fabrics that I am receiving. At the rate of their sales lately, I am going to go bankrupt.

No stitchy pictures to show today… 😦


2 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Hi Kellie,

    Thanks for pointing out the Silkweaver sale. I’ve heard about them but have never had the pleasure of trying their linens so I will check them out!

  2. Glenna Says:

    Isn’t that funny…I feel the same way about stitching in front of non-stitchers. I have a friend at work who wants to come chat with me while I stitch (I go find an empty office so no one can see me stitching, even though it’s my cube and my lunch hour) at lunch. I wind up putting my stitching away–it always feels awkward, and I’m more likely to make a mistake!

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