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Finally… January 19, 2009

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I finally managed to sit down and focus on something for more than 10 minutes before switching to something else. I worked on Praiseworthy Stitches Simple Gifts-Love yesterday and today.  I started this one in late December, where I showed the very beginning in this post. After a lot of stitching yesterday and some today, here’s where it is now…



After reading Melissa’s blog asking for audiobook suggestions, it reminded me how much I enjoy listening to audiobooks as well. I picked an old favorite–Outlander by Diana Gabaldon–and listened and stitched away. The narrator, Davina Porter, does such an excellent job! If you love historical fiction or time travel, I highly recommend this whole series. It is my favorite series of all time.

I also picked up Mermaids of the Deep Blue today and worked on some beading and backstitching. Have I ever said how much I hate backstitching? I despise it. And I think Mirabilias are particularly difficult to backstitch even though there isn’t much of it. But I love Mirabilias so much that I do it anyway. 🙂



Please excuse all my wrinkles. I stitch in hand most of the time, and while I should iron them before I post pictures of them, I don’t usually.

Thank you for the well wishes yesterday. I love getting comments on my blog. I think I have a head cold. I feel about the same today, but it is always a good excuse to sit and stitch. 🙂

I am going to finish reading Breaking Dawn and then pull out a project to work on while I watch The Bachelor.

Until next time…




2 Responses to “Finally…”

  1. Glenna Says:

    What beautiful projects. And your photo captured the sparkliness of the mermaids! Hope your cold is better. And you’re right, it’s the perfect excuse for stitching. Of course, nearly everything is the perfect excuse for stitching.

  2. Dianne Says:

    Both projects look great! I picked up that quaker on one of my last stash trips. I can’t wait to see yours progress.

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