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New start… January 11, 2009

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I have had startitis again this week. That is a pretty common occurrance around here. I received so many nice charts, fabric, etc. for Christmas, that I want to start everything all at once. Which leads to even more WIPs. But WIPs do not bother me, nor do I feel guilty about them. 🙂 They will all get finished eventually. My mom doesn’t understand this philosophy. She is a quilter. She works on one quilt start to finish. She doesn’t understand how I can have multiple projects going at once. It would drive her crazy. I used to stitch one project at a time. I would get so bored with that one project that I would put it down for weeks at a time. Now that I work on different things as the notion strikes me, I enjoy stitching so much more.

The one that has gotten the most attention this week is Birds of a Feather’s Kindness Sampler. I love it. I have worked on it off and on several days this week, and a lot today. I plan to work on it more this evening.



I also managed to start Mirabilia’s Shimmering Mermaid, Shepherd’s Bush’s Wishing Sheep, and Ink Circles Cirque des Carreaux. I don’t have enough stitches in any to really show pictures yet. But I will soon. Oddly as much as I started, I didn’t have a lot of stitching time this week. I started back to work after a two week break. Tiring. But I am very thankful for my job in this tough economy especially.

I will leave with another picture of my stitching companion. He seems to be sitting either right at my feet or right beside me on the couch if I allow it every time I pick up a needle. His name is Petey. He’s a shih tzu and will be two in February. He’s a cute companion to have and he doesn’t take up a lot of space. He is pretty content and never complains that I am spending too much time stitching. 🙂


One more thing…

Glenna, you asked where my parents found the sewing chest… I am pretty sure they found it in an antique store in Glendale, KY. Glendale is a quaint little town where they have several restaurants (namely The Whistle Stop) and quite a few unique specialty and antique shops. Fun little town. If you are ever in central Kentucky, driving on I-65, it is worth a stop. 🙂


One Response to “New start…”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Hi Kellie,

    I know what you mean about going back to work after that lovely break. And yes, we grumble a bit but glad to be still working!

    Oh I’m glad to see you are stitching the Kindness Sampler. I so love mine. It was a bit tough going for me with the colour changes but I so love it.

    Petey is really cute!

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