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Christmas Flips September 12, 2008

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I received the new installments of LK’s Christmas Flips in the mail on Saturday from Mary Kathryn at Ehandcrafts. If you need a good online needlework store, I cannot recommend this one highly enough. She has wonderful customer service. I started stitching Tree last Saturday, and I am hoping to finish Cheer tonight. Then I will put it away and wait for the last four to be released.

I am not sure which WIP I will pick up next. I have dozens; deciding is usually the hard part. 🙂

I have been Ebay stash shopping this week. I lucked in to two Mirablilias at reasonable prices…





I also love to scrapbook. One of my favorite tools is my Cricket. I have fallen in love with a new cartridge called Graphically Speaking. Once again, Ebay to the rescue. 🙂 It would be great to get this in the mail tomorrow to play with this weekend, but that might be expecting too much too soon. I am looking quite forward to it.

We have had quite the week. DS and I have both been sick. I went to the dr. Wednesday after work with a sinus infection. I took DS to the dr. Thursday morning with a sinus infection and pink eye. We came home and enjoyed a quiet R&R day afterwards. Today was back to work and school. Luckily it is Friday because we are both tired. DH is coaching a football game tonight. I really hope we win. I plan to listen to part of it on the radio and also watch the Weather Channel for the latest Ike coverage. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Texas tonight. I have several Texan relatives that are in the path of Ike. I have thought about them all day.

I hope to post another stitching update at the end of the weekend…so stay tuned. 🙂


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