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A finish and lots of Mirabilia… August 17, 2008

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School has started back, which means I have started back to work. My stitching is suffering because of it. So is my blog. LOL! I think I have finally gotten all of us into a routine again so maybe life will start to seem a little less chaotic, I hope. If I can grab about an hour a night, sometimes more, to stitch, then I’m good. I really enjoy that little bit of “me” time every day. Somedays I scrapbook, but most days I stitch. Either is good. I just need that little bit of space, that little bit of using my hands and head to create on a daily basis to keep the balance.

I had gotten frustrated with the backstitching on Halloween Fairy and put her down for awhile and worked a little here and there on some of the other 50 or so wips in my pile (did I really just admit that? 50 wips? I know it is close, if not that many).

Anyway, I had ordered Mirabilia’s Thanksgiving Harvest Fairy a few weeks ago.

Thanksgiving Harvest Fairy (Limited Edition Kit)

She came in the mail yesterday, which motivated me to finish the Halloween Fairy last night. I was determined to finish one of the fairies before starting another one. So I finished the backstitching and the beading last night while watching the Olympics. I am pleased with how she turned out.

I loved putting the beads on her. I used my Tacky Bob and a #10 quilting needle–both of which I had not used before. Both made the beading so much easier and enjoyable than when I had tried to bead in the past.

I had bought the Tacky Bob last year on vacation when a kind shop owner introduced me to it. I was admiring a work she had in progress that was full of beads and told her how frustrating I found beading. She then showed me the Tacky Bob and how to use it. I must say I am hooked! So much so that I am pulling out my long neglected Autumn Queen who only lacks her beads, and I will be working on her today.

I am loving stitching Mirabilia designs right now. I am thinking about kitting up either Winter Queen or Summer Queen and starting one of those. Or maybe purchasing Royal Holiday (Christmas Queen) and starting her. Decisions…decisions…

Well, my beads are calling…

More later.


One Response to “A finish and lots of Mirabilia…”

  1. Dianne Says:

    Great job on all of these projects! I’m proud of you for finishing somethings…it’s hard to do when it’s just so tempting to start about 8 new ones for every “old” one that you do! I know…I’m fighting that battle right now!!!

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