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Catching up… July 28, 2008

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It has been awhile since I posted…a lot happening here. We have had new hardwood floors installed in several areas of the main floor of our home, and we are gearing up to go back to school. My husband is a football coach, so we are now back in that mode again with the season beginning mid month. It has been very hectic, but not in a bad way…just busy. I have however, managed to do a little stitching. I am caught up with the LK Christmas Double Flips, and anxiously waiting the next two. I am really enjoying this piece. It is fun, quick, and easy…

LK Christmas Double Flips

I have also been working on ByGone Stitches Quaker Christmas, which I also love! I am using 32ct. Lakeside Linens Peddler’s Moon fabric with the recommended Crescent Colors flosses. I don’t know if I will have it finished by Christmas…I finished page 1 and started page 2 last week.

Quaker Christmas

For the last couple of days I have been diligently stitching Mirabilia’s Halloween Fairy.

Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy


I am hoping to have her finished this week maybe. (She really needs a head and a face! LOL) I love Mirabilia designs! I have been trying to collect the ones that I really love and hope to someday stitch. I probably love a lot more of them than I will ever have time to stitch. I also have Mermaids of the Deep Blue in my WIPs right now that I work on from time to time. Can you tell that I switch projects around a lot? LOL! I have a lot of WIPs; when I get bored with one, I move on to something else. I always come back to what I have started eventually. I tried a rotation once, but it didn’t last long. I also used to only work on one project at a time and not allow myself to start anything new until it was finished. About a year ago, I threw out my “self-imposed rules” and decided to just have fun. 🙂 It has been very enjoyable. I have started a bunch of new projects; I have worked on whatever is calling to me the most, and it has really brought joy back into my stitching. 

I have recently starting watching The Office. I don’t know how I have not “discovered” this show before. I find it hysterical! I have been watching past seasons and episodes and stitching while watching.  I think I may have to take in an episode or two now…as my stitching is also beckoning.

Til next time…


New start July 17, 2008

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What is it about new stash that makes you want to start something new the minute you get it? At least that is how I am. LOL! I do not have an LSS anywhere in the vicinity, so I do most of my stash shopping online. My favorite shop is Ehandcrafts. Mary Kathryn, the owner, is wonderful to shop with…always friendly, helpful, and ships quick. I have participated in several automatic programs with her shop. The latest one I have signed up for is the Lizzie Kate Double Flip Christmas charts. I received the first two sets with fabric in the mail earlier this week. Within an hour of pulling it out of the mailbox, I had started stitching it. I could not wait! 🙂 I hope to keep up with these as they are released. I am starting “cookies” tonight and want to have “santa” finished before the weekend is over.



A FINISH!!!!!!!!!!! July 7, 2008

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I have finally finished La D Da’s Quaker Alphabet! My goal was to finish it by last Friday, but several pesky frogs came to visit, and I didn’t get it finished until Sunday evening. I ended up having to rip out most of the bottom portion, restitched it, and realized I was still off by one stitch. After I did some checking, I decided the one stitch was not going to cause it to look “off”, called it good, and moved on. 😉

La D Da Quaker Alphabet

La D Da Quaker Alphabet
32 count Lakeside Linens Palomino
recommended Belle Soie silks








I also made another start this week. I joined a SAL on the LHN/CCN Yuku board. I decided to stitch CCN’s Tea Room on Tuesdays and Thursdays during this July SAL. I am hoping to have it finished by the end of July. I think I got a pretty good start on it considering that I didn’t have much time to work on it either Tuesday or Thursday.

 CCN Tea Room


I am stitching this on 28 ct. Lambswool Jobelan with the recommended DMC threads. I love LHN and CCN designs. They stitch up quick and easy and always look charming.

Trying to decide what I will pull out tonight from my HUGE WIP pile to work on. Mirabilia’s Mermaids from the Deep is calling to me as is Mirabilia’s Halloween Fairy. Looks like it will definately be a Mirabilia design! 🙂

I ordered threads today for the Lizzie Kate Christmas Flips, some floss away bags, and some needles. Not extremely fun, but I will look forward to starting the LK flips when I get everything in for them. 

I am trying very hard to resist this…

 Eloquent Christmas

This is Eloquent Christmas by Bygone Stitches. It is in my cart at 123 stitch, and I look at it every day. I can feel myself weakening… I am thinking this would look so cute stitched up and framed for each family in my extended family to be given at Thanksgiving (so they could enjoy it during the holidays, of course 🙂 ). I don’t know that I would have the patience to stitch it five times (one for myself included)…maybe if I changed the fabric and threads for each design to make each one unique…

I have a feeling this will be winging its way to my house before the week is over. I don’t think I can stand it…

In other news, DH, DS and I went to peruse and price new flooring today. I am so excited about this. I think we have decided on Brazilian Cherry hardwood in our living room, foyer, hallway, and dining room, and either tanned leather or sandstone permastone in our kitchen. We are still debating on which color for the kitchen. I can’t wait to go back and place the order. We could have new floors as soon as next week!


July Goals July 2, 2008

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Thought it would be fun to start making monthly stitching goals to see what I can accomplish. I actually made some goals in June as well, so I will review those too.

June Goals/Review:

  • Work on Christmas Quaker-YES
  • Work on Home of a Needleworker Too-YES
  • Finish Joyful Summer-YES
  • Finish Full of Hope pinkeep-NO
  • Work on CHS alphabet-NO
  • Work on CEC Summer Place-YES
  • Work on Mira Halloween Fairy-YES
  • Work on Sarah Moon-YES
  • Work on Beatrix Potter-NO
  • Stitch one Christmas ornament-NO
  • Work on BBD Where My Heart Lives-NO
  • Work on June Morning-YES
  • Work on MBT The Lord’s Prayer-YES

Now for my goals for July:

  • Finish La D Da Quaker Alphabet
  • Finish Sheepish Designs Betsy
  • Finish LHN Americana Sampling
  • Work on Christmas Quaker
  • Work on Home of a Needleworker Too
  • Stitch “A” and “B” block + some border on CHS Alphabet
  • Work on CEC Summer Place
  • Work on Mirabilia Halloween Fairy
  • Work on MBT The Lord’s Prayer
  • Work on BBD Where My Heart Lives-possibly finish?
  • Work on Beatrix Potter
  • Work on CCN Tea Room (SAL on LHN board-Tuesdays and Thursdays)